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The purpose of Estate Planning is to ensure that your heirs may reap, after your death, the benefits of your life-long toils.

When considering the meaning of the term, most people think of things like Wills, and the need to distribute a deceased person’s assets. Certainly, a big part of Estate Planning deals with clearly establishing who gets what after you have gone. However, Estate Planning deals with a whole lot more as you will learn as you read on.

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Anyone who owns assets has an estate, whether those assets fill a stately home or a cardboard box.  Many people often ignore estate planning because they assume their estate is too small to be taxed. Yet with increased property values, larger life insurance policies and larger retirement funds, estates are often more vulnerable to taxes than people realise. If the Estate is planned thoroughly you may be able to prevent the government from unduly profiting from your death.

There are in addition though, many other reasons why the need for an Estate Plan is so important:

  • Managing money for an heir who is too young or financially incompetent
  • Financially assisting a disabled child without disqualifying that child from government assistance
  • Controlling assets while you are alive, but incapacitated
  • Controlling assets after death
  • Providing provisions for a guardian of minor children
  • Minimising feuding among heirs over your estate
Estate Planning involves providing for the well being and continued care for those you leave behind. Whether you are concerned about leaving a handicapped dependant, a minor child, or a cherished pet, Estate Planning involves creating solutions that help protect those who must carry on without you.

If you are starting to get the feeling that Estate Planning is important, then you are on the right track. After all, accumulating wealth, and preserving and controlling its distribution really go hand in hand.

Working together with the right financial adviser enables us to provide our clients with a comprehensive estate planning solution.