Affinity's Storage and Aftercare Service

You may have written a Will, but, when you die, if it cannot be found, it is presumed not to exist – THAT’S THE LAW!

The solution? - WillSafe

WillSafe takes care of you while you're alive..

  • Beginning with a series of follow-ups after you have received your documents.
  • We make sure you have received your documents, are happy with their contents, and have signed and returned them to us as soon as possible.
  • We check documents are signed and witnessed correctly and replace them free of charge if not!
  • Supply you with certificates of deposit to leave with executors, guardians or friends – ensuring they know where documents are kept and outlining action to take when they are needed.
  • Storage of all documents in a fire safe, secure environment until they are needed.

And if things change? Maybe a new addition to the family…

  • If you need to amend your will in the future then this can be done in correspondence or by email at a greatly reduced cost, very often free of charge
  •  To help you decide whether changes are necessary Affinity publishes a periodical newsletter, containing vital information on various things that may affect your estate, and also serves as a memory jogger,
  • Wilsafe clients can call our FREEPHONE technical help line for advice and guidance relating to changes on legislation and personal circumstances.
  • Our ‘Clients Only’ area on the Affinity web site keeps you informed of relevant changes and additional services offered to Affinity clients from time to time.


.. and after someone dies

  • When you die one of Affinity's Probate advisers gives your Executors free advice
  • Should your Executors choose, Affinity can assist with Probate and the general administration of your estate. This can be quoted in advance on a set fee scale and could save your estate many hundreds of pounds.
And there's more ..

  • We will help you find an appropriate bereavement counsellor in your area should you require.
  • We provide you with all the necessary forms and a free advice booklet should you need to register a Lasting Power of Attorney.  We can also assist with Deputyship applications to the Court of Protection.

WillSafe.. a complete solution